Windross Farm Golf Club

Windross Farm Golf Club

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This project involved the construction of a superbly well presented golf club house, including cafe and commercial kitchen, pro shop, lounge, changing rooms and deck area was built on a Greenfield site.

Located in Ardmore, RCC built the new club house on a Greenfield site with no site services such as power, water and drainage to very high specifications with a wide range of facilities. 

The construction was further complicated by other contractors building the golf course itself, car parking and other infrastructure. 

Our approach to this project was through careful planning, allowing services such as water, to be temporarily available until these services came online permanently. Access to these services had to be communicated with other contractors, all of whom had various needs during the construction process. 

Our Health and Safety plan was crucial in providing site wide protocols across a wide range of contractors and subcontractors ensuring a smooth project completion.