Volvo Showroom

Volvo Showroom

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Construction of the 800 sqm Volvo Showroom is a prime example of RCC meeting extremely specific build demands whilst under very tight time constraints.

The design aspect from Volvo's global head office in Sweden was very specific in their corporate imaging presenting several unique challenges; numerous materials and aesthetics were to be incorporated into the building with links to and between an existing property on the site. Moreover, these design and material requirements had to be carefully considered in order to meet New Zealand Building Code's stringent regulations and meet availability.  

The programme also had intense time pressures due to Volvo senior managements arrival which needed to coincide with the project's completion. 

Our approach was to work closely with the both Volvo head office in offering samples of products and the NZBC in confirming the materials chosen. The NZ Fire Codes are markedly more strict than those in Europe, where the specifications originated, leading RCC to treat all clear timber with intumescent whilst ensuring a very high standard of finish. 

A high degree of communication was required between all parties with extended shifts into nights and weekends - this ensured the completion of the project before senior management from Volvo arrived.