St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsborough

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsborough

The project included seismic strengthening and installation of a new lift to provide access to second floor for those with disability and limited mobility. Renovation and refurbishment of bathrooms and the conference room will improve the space available.

On the ground floor, work is being carried out on an administration office, kitchen and dining room. This will result in new spaces being created as a meeting room, reception space and a new kitchenette with coffee- and tea-making facilities. The new facilities will ensure the friary can better accommodate several small groups at a time. The additional meeting room can also be used as a break-out session by large groups.

The kitchen refurbishment will meet modern hospitality standards and will result in an organised working space for kitchen staff. The old boilers and lighting are being replaced with more energy efficient units. Maintenance will be carried out on the heating system to ensure the building is comfortably warm during winter months.

The work also involves complying with requirements in terms of seismic strengthening and compliance with fire regulations. The work will help the friary meet the new building code requirement for safety.

 Retreats and conferences continued throughout this project.